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By Bob Coine

The Building Whitetail Paradise Series from Heartland Studios, Inc, like many successful business plans, originated from very deep-rooted passion, a personal need and a dream that led to a solution.

According to Bob Coine, the creator of Building Whitetail Paradise and founder of Heartland Studios, Inc., it's pretty simple. "My customers are people just like me, hungry for solid information that will improve our enjoyment afield, not just during hunting season but year around. It may begin with a desire to tag a huge buck, but develops into something much deeper."

Until recently, average hunters, land managers and wildlife enthusiasts could find little on television or in video productions that would teach them how to improve their property for wildlife. Bob, a hunter, farmer and conservationist from Illinois, set out to share what he had learned with hunter/managers like himself.

Bob began by conceptualizing the perfect video series. He wanted it to be a practical guide to maximizing enjoyment of wildlife while minimizing investments of time and money. He envisioned a series that would benefit the occasional as well as the hardcore wildlife enthusiast. He also imagined his production as an entertaining but educational look at improving habitat, the environment and best of all the hunting experience.

Building Whitetail Paradise offers an honest and detailed look at habitat improvement from start to finish, with discussions of potential roadblocks, their solutions, and resources that will be useful along the way. Whether an individual is interested in a quality deer herd, thriving wild turkey flocks, abundant small game, top-shelf waterfowl habitat or all of these, they will benefit from this series. "Interest in Deer Management is not just growing, it is exploding," according to Bob. "Hunter/Managers want to know how they can hold deer on their property, and produce quality deer consistently, year in and year out. We demonstrate how to do just that, and at the same time deliver interesting information on deer behavior and biology."

There are many great products on the market today, from hunting accessories to habitat tools and seed that are utilized by the savvy consumers on properties they hunt. Building Whitetail Paradise illustrates how to utilize these tools successfully, and delivers solid information on the deer themselves. Deer are Bob's passion, but Building Whitetail Paradise reflects his deep seated belief in stewardship of the land and its inhabitants. "We promote practices that actually improve the environment, and benefit many other forms of wildlife, and even provide income to offset the costs associated with beneficial practices," Bob said. "It is truly a win-win for all involved." Our stated goal is to inform, educate as well as provide full family quality entertainment.

Bob's unwavering devotion to this mission has made Building Whitetail Paradise DVD Series the most widely distributed management DVD series for deer hunters.

The Building Whitetail Paradise DVD Series is utilized as an educational tool by leading Whitetail Conservation Organizations, such as Quality Deer Management Association and Whitetails Unlimited, and is also distributed through many thousands of retail locations.

Building Whitetail Paradise was born with the debut of Volume 1, released to the public in late 2004. As sales soared, Heartland Studios reinvested profits into new production and post-production equipment, and now operates with "Hollywood level" capabilities.

Heartland Studios, Inc. has a growing product line-up in pure entertainment as well. The taping of a new comedy series entitled (what else?) "The Deer Guys", in which a cast of characters apply "deer hunter's logic" to real life scenarios. The pilot, "Huntin' Terrorists for Uncle Sam" was completed this summer and is ready for release.

Bob's creative expression is not limited to the "small screen". Inspired by the beauty of nature and his love of hunting, Bob has produced a collection of original songs that have been recorded and compiled into his new CD, "Music for the Hunter and Fisherman". Songs such as "Building a Whitetail Paradise" and "Watchin' Him Walk" speak to the satisfaction gained from deer and habitat management in a unique and enjoyable blend of country-rock. "A Very Good Day" illustrates that time spent in the woods, whether seeing deer or not, beats the heck out of working.

Heartland Studios also recently began producing video content for other businesses, one of which is Wildlife Analytical Laboratories (deerage.com), a Texas based lab, specializing in wildlife tooth analysis/aging enlisted Heartland to compile a "how to" DVD for deer hunter/managers.

"I enjoy working with others in the outdoors industry, and look forward to opportunities to help other business bring their message to their customers, be it a marketing or a demonstration type video production", Bob said. "It helps to work with someone who is intimately familiar with outdoor products and services".

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