Illinois Hunter Breaks New Ground in Outdoor Video Productions

Until recently, average hunters, land managers and wildlife enthusiasts could find little on television or in video productions that would teach them how to improve their property for wildlife. One of those dissatisfied consumers decided to do something about the problem. Bob Coine, a hunter, farmer and conservationist from Illinois, set out to share what he had learned with land managers like himself. The amazing result is a DVD series, Building Whitetail Paradise.

"I enjoy the outdoors immensely, and I am a rabid consumer of outdoor magazines, TV programming and videos," said Bob. "But when it comes to the outdoors, reality TV is hardly the norm. I decided to do something about it."

Having no video production experience, Bob began by conceptualizing the perfect video series. He wanted it to be a practical guide to maximizing enjoyment of wildlife while minimizing investments of time and money. He envisioned a series that would benefit the occasional as well as the hardcore wildlife enthusiast. He also imagined his production as an entertaining but educational look at improving habitat, the environment and best of all the hunting experience.

Working around the clock after completing spring farm work, Bob implemented his plan, and the Building Whitetail Paradise DVD series was born. Not an infomercial, Building Whitetail Paradise offers an honest and detailed look at habitat improvement from start to finish, with discussions of potential roadblocks, their solutions, and resources that will be useful along the way. Whether an individual is interested in a quality deer herd, thriving wild turkey flocks, abundant small game, top-shelf waterfowl habitat or all of these, they will benefit from this series.

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