Special Notes from Bob...

Summer Seminars

I'd like to thank all the organizations around the Midwest, who were so kind as to invite me to conduct seminars this past summer. If you were one of the people who attended, a very special thank you to you! I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions, and learned an awful lot along the way too!

The topics we covered from habitat, food plots and hunting plots, to QDM and calling deer were a real treat for me! A bonus was the opportunity to visit QDMr's properties in WI, IA, IL, IN, and MI this year! Thank you for the invites guys and gals! We truly are a Brotherhood of like-minded individuals!

I especially appreciated all the feedback on BWP! Many of your suggestions will be implemented, some as soon as next year! All the interest in the Brassicas family of forage will be rewarded with a special test currently under way. We'll find out how it stands up to other types of food plots in the late season. I am testing three different planting methods, to simulate various food plotters equipment or lack thereof, including no equipment!

Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Classic

The Wisconsin Deer Classic held in balmy Madison was extremely well attended. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the good folks from my neighboring state and talking QDM at the QDMA Booth. A hearty thank you to all the Branch members who pitched in, we really had a blast!

Hot topics of conversation included habitat and food plots, as well as herd management and CWD. A big thanks to all the attendees who brought their deer pix and even jawbones to the booth! Thank you for selecting the QDMA as the place to obtain help in researching your questions.

QDMA National Convention

Unbelievable is the only way to explain the Convention held in Charleston, SC this past June. Great attendance, a first class venue and all of the true top experts in deer research! All of the seminars were packed, the show itself held a virtual who's who of the whitetail industry.

The National staff did an awesome job of running four solid days of events! Kudos'!

Thank you to all the folks who stopped by the QDMA Booth to say hello and talk about our favorite subjects, deer, management, habitat, food plots and of course hunting. To hear how much folks appreciate the Building Whitetail Paradise DVD #1 is especially rewarding, as well as the anticipation for the new #2. BWP Volume 2 will be released in early July and available from the QDMA National.

Iowa Deer Classic

I really enjoyed working with Ryan and all the great guy's from the Cental Iowa Branch of the QDMA! Talk about an enthusiastic bunch of deer hunting QDM's! Keep up the good work spreading the word.

Meeting so many of the good people from the State of Iowa and also from around the country was a terrific experience. Thank you for taking the time to stop and visit at the QDMA booth. The interest in conservation, habitat and quality deer is remarkable. From the impressive display of awesome bucks it is plain to see that letting them go so they can grow is working!

The display at the show by iowawhitetail.com was outstanding! A great bunch of guy's getting together to share their passion for whitetails. Check out their website at (what else) www.iowawhitetail.com.

Last but not least thank you to all the folks who expressed their appreciation and enthusiasm for my series Building Whitetail Paradise and my articles. Your encouragement and goodwill makes all the effort worthwhile, and is greatly appreciated!

Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic

Bob Coine and Damian Considine (Branch President) QDMA would like to thank everyone who stopped by the QDMA booth to visit at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Classic!

It truly was a great experience to visit with so many serious and passionate hunters, making the extra effort to improve habitat, the environment and provide so much, for wild creatures great and small!

Deer hunting is evolving into a year around activity, with the actual pursuit encompassing the smallest portion of the year. Conservation of our natural resources is being practiced one plot of land at a time, with hunters leading by example!

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