Deer Season Updates

October Update

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Mid October Paradise Update

Crazy weather so far in Whitetail Paradise... ranging from near 90 degrees to several nights below freezing have us more confused than the deer it seems!

Thankfully our food plots finished maturity prior to the freezes and are in great shape for fall and winter.

Little Beast "Little Beast", a regular star in several Volumes of BWP and a favorite buck of Bob's met his demise early in October. Little Beast (est. 5 ½ years old) made the mistake of passing too close to a hunter, on a non-QDM neighboring property. He made it back before expiring and died where he spent most of his life... in Whitetail Paradise. Interestingly, he is the first mature buck that we know of to be harvested on a non-QDM neighboring property.

Fans will recall Bob's buck "Tall Tines" from Volume 1. Well, "Tall Tines Brother" will be featured in Volume 5!

Two years ago Daniel Sheely (Vol.'s 2, 4a, 4b) got a picture of an estimated 2 ½ year old buck that we instantly thought looked like Tall Tines, with the exception of double forked G-2's instead of a single fork. Shortly thereafter Matt Soehn (Vol. 2) began seeing tracks of a buck with the left portion of his hoof missing. That unique track belonged to none other than Tall Tines Brother who went unseen since his 2004 photo!

Tall Tines Well Matt met up with this Mystery Buck on October 15th... A perfect arrow and steady nerves allowed Matt to apply his tag to this gorgeous  168 4/8 gross buck!

QDM and our informal coop pay off again! When neighbors work towards QDM goals together and share information... a much clearer picture can emerge of individual bucks lives. This intel can prove useful time and again, and has paid dividends in Whitetail Paradise once again!

Early October has been good to Bob so far as well, with 3 doe tags filled! Strangely, only 2 reached the cooler. This passage (true story) says it all...

Playin' Games

I found a nice looking deer, and asked if she'd ever played a game called whack-a-doe. She was game, so we played. I won.

Took a walk to play tag with her, but she went for a swim in the deep-water portion of the creek. I thought in due time she would tire of that game and make landfall.

In the interim I'd look for another partner to play with, given we still had an hour and a half of light left.

Saw a coyote at 250 yards and asked if he'd like to listen to my impersonation of... the "Best of the Dyin Rabbits". He LOVED the idea and ran right over, although I never saw him up close.

After the hunt I stopped by George and asked if he wanted to play fetch-o-doe and he was game. When we got there... we guessed that the coyote figured the Dyin Rabbits music could wait... while he played fetch-o-doe. What a good dog... he left me half!

I guess in the end we tied... I tagged the doe... he feasted, then I went back to the house for a tasty treat... of Humble Pie.

Jim Ferris Most deer hunters would be tickled to tag a classic heavy ten point buck. Ask that same hunter about a drop tine and salivation begins. Now ask yourself... What if you saw a mid 150's ten point, with a drop tine, that actually grew off a 3rd beam containing vertical tines emanating from the side of a bucks head? Coronary time... call the ER!

Our friend Dave Ferris did just that on the 19th of October, just a couple of sections from Whitetail Paradise! This incredible non-typical went unseen by anyone as far as we know, until Dave launched his fateful arrow! Unbelievably, Dave also has a photo of a buck with the same strange antler configuration, only bigger that was hit by a car last year in the same area, he believes!

This is Dave's fourth deer so far this year, the first three fat does he bagged came on consecutive arrows shot a few days prior, within minutes of each other! His dandy buck grossed 189 2/8...

Best Wishes for good luck to all our friends around the country with a safe and successful deer season! Send us photos and stories of your successful QDM hunts, and we will post 'em up for others to enjoy!

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