Heartland Studios History

Bob Coine founded Heartland Studios in 2004, to deliver solid QDM education through the landmark DVD Series called Building Whitetail Paradise.

Building Whitetail Paradise has since rocked the deer industry with gargantuan sales volumes, and continues to grow in popularity! A blend of straight talk, delivered without advertising, coupled with a very creative presentation continues to drive and expand the popularity of this best selling Series!

Due directly to the incredible success of Building Whitetail Paradise, Heartland Studios completely upgraded all technical capabilities to include "Hollywood" level editing and post-production equipment.

Heartland Studios dramatically increased their product mix in 2007, with the addition of The Deer Guys Comedy Series, Music for the Hunter and Fisherman cd as well as useful products for habitat and deer managers.

New for 2007 the Corporate Message Media Division was formed, to assist other companies audio and video needs.

QDM Education

  • Building Whitetail Paradise


  • The Deer Guys
  • Music for the Hunter and Fisherman

Corporate Message Media

  • Corporate Message Media