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Interest in the grand tradition of deer hunting has taken a surprising turn in recent years. Of course the modern deer camp still harbors many of the same types of characters as in years past, who are passionate in their pursuit of the elusive old mossy horned buck. Many hunters are just as passionate in renewing the camaraderie found amongst old friends following a long off-season.

A growing segment of hunting enthusiasts have found a way to make deer season last year around, and are extending the deep ties that bind them at their camps. This is where the grand American tradition has taken the aforementioned turn. And that turn is certainly for the better.

The average deer hunter has begun applying his (or her) brain, brawn and wallet to enhance their deer hunting enjoyment in the fall and winter. In years past, little consideration was given to biology, habitat and the like as it related to this resource. I'd venture to say, fifteen years ago very few deer hunters knew what a food plot, or a hunting plot was, or could care less the age of a deer harvested. Today's hunter wants more out of the experience, a lot more.

Check any hunting magazine these days and you'll find information overload on all aspects of deer management. Most articles are very well written, but carrying those lessons to the field is difficult at best.

That's where Bob Coine and his dream of Building Whitetail Paradise can really be of help. Bob is an absolute deer nut, who also happens to farm, and manages his land for wildlife and specifically for quality Whitetail deer. "Back in the early 1990's, it was very difficult to find any material I could understand, much less apply regarding habitat and herd improvement. You needed to be a scientist to understand most of what was available," Bob recalled. Through trial and error, along with the assistance of State Wildlife biologists the dream of Building Whitetail Paradise became reality.

"I thought there must be other folks out there like me, who would like to learn game and habitat management, so they could improve their hunting and enjoyment of time spent outdoors", Bob said. "So I came up with the idea of producing a DVD series on that very topic. I illustrate not only planting techniques for food plots, but real life challenges that can and will occur, and most importantly, how to overcome these challenges."

Bob shows what works, but just as important, what didn't work on his property. Not being beholden to sponsors or commercial endorsements is an asset in this case. You get it straight, almost like home movies... for deer managers.

"I preach quality deer management (QDM) because it really works, not in theory but on my place and my neighbors, and all around the country. Is it easy? No, but the most rewarding things in life never are," Bob stated. "Our neighborhood has transformed from a relatively modest hunting area to one of the finest, and it really didn't take all that long."

"Harvest strategy is a huge factor in QDM. The hunter is transformed into a hunter manager, making the most critical management decisions. Knowing which deer are best to harvest for the health of the overall herd, and making a sound decision by pulling a trigger or releasing an arrow is the key," according to Bob.

Through the Building Whitetail Paradise DVD Series, you can learn how to distinguish the age of the buck you are seeing from your deer stand. Allowing young bucks to live to maturity gives the herd a balanced age structure, which leads to a competition amongst peers. Coupled with an aggressive doe harvest where warranted, bucks have to compete for the available does for breeding purposes. This competition forces daytime movement, and translates into opportunity for the hunter during legal hunting hours.

"The beauty of Whitetails is there is always something new to learn about, and apply to our situation. Sure there may be differences in habitat and genetics across the country, but with QDM and some effort we can improve the herd that inhabits the land we hunt, private or public."

"I have been very fortunate to have major retailers such as Dollar General and Wal-Mart Stores select Building Whitetail Paradise for their shelves. These companies gave me an opportunity because of the unique niche we fill, and the fact that their customers are hungry for help to improve their experiences afield," Bob said.

Additionally, Conservation Organizations such as Whitetails Unlimited and the Quality Deer Management Association have selected the DVD's as an educational offering for their membership as well.

The best time to start managing your deer herd is just around the corner...


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