A wild and zany Comedy series featuring Bob Coine and George Noble as the Deer Guys! Join Bob and George as they tackle difficult challenges with a deer hunter's mentality and common sense!

The Deer Guys

Adventures of The Deer Guys

Huntin' Terrorists for Uncle Sam

The Adventures of The Deer Guys is a lighthearted comedy, portraying life's challenges being conquered with a deer hunters mentality, by deer hunters.

The kick-off adventure features The Deer Guys being recruited at the Governments highest level to capture the terrorist leader! Join Bob Coine and George Noble in the exciting hunt, with the full support of the President himself! An aircraft carrier, fighter jets and a stealth aircraft are but a few of the tools required!

Andrea Larsen stars as the CIA Station Chief assigned to assist The Deer Guys. A terrific cast, soundtrack and musical score make this adventure a pleasure to behold!

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Music for the Hunter and Fisherman

Music for the Hunter and Fisherman (audio CD) is a unique collection of original songs, envisioned by Bob Coine, and performed by very talented recording artists. Bob's creative storytelling through songs, add a new dimension to outdoor appreciation, especially when you'd like to be there... but can't.

The blend of exceptional music and lyrics relay a wide variety of experiences, all of which just so happen to relate to the outdoors.

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  • The Deer Guys This namesake song, written and performed as the theme song for the new Heartland Studios Comedy Series of the same name. The Deer Guys song relates what a "Deer Guy" stands for, someone you can count on when you need a hand with life's challenges.
  • Ode to Grampa This song celebrates the life, and death of an awesome dominant buck named Grampa, that Bob Coine had the distinct pleasure to get to know very well.
  • A Very Good Day This incredible song captures the true essence of being outdoors. Many times we hear people relate their day afield to having been bad because they didn't see or bag game. This song reminds us that a slow day in the deer stand sure beats a good day working!
  • Fishin' For a Booner This fun ditty tells a story of how remarkable it is that two completely unrelated species, living in very different habitats, are very similar nonetheless in many ways.
  • Building a Whitetail Paradise The theme song for the most popular QDM DVD Series ever! This song illustrates why we labor doing habitat work, and what it means for all of Gods creatures living there, and of course the rewarding feeling for having done so!
  • Watchin' Him Walk This awesome song relays the rewards of allowing bucks to mature through selective harvest. It tells the story of how different a deer is as he progresses from fawn to maturity.
  • Shootin' Blues This classic blues song relates something all archers have experienced at one time or another, the temporary loss of accuracy while preparing for the upcoming season.
  • BWP A Cappella Originates from the song, Building a Whitetail Paradise. This catchy A Cappella was recorded very late one night, in Bob's kitchen, following a very long filming session!

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