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Just bought your Volume 4b DVD tonight. Very good DVD!! I am a Bow/Deer hunter up here in Athens, Wisconsin. Your Deer management DVD is awesome! Keep up the good work.


Brian - Athens, WI.


This is Bryan. I live right here in IL.

I have recently seen a few of your DVDs and am extremely impressed with what you have going for yourself. That is amazing, and I wish a lot more hunters would manage themselves. I have taken a nice ten point with the bow, and a nice nine with shotgun.

Hope you continue the great work and I want you to know I learned a lot from you videos.

Bryan - Illinois


I can't wait to see the next productions. There are so many great ideas out there on how to feed wildlife, I hope that your productions can cover them all. There's nothing funnier than rattling in your neighbors (Vol. 1), that's what made that last skit so funny because it happens all of the time!!! That skit made me laugh so hard I cried!..Good luck to you on your future endeavors! Semper QDMA!

Shawn - Nebraska

Hey Bob,

Got the DVDs today. Of course I had to watch vol 4b first. I love that pile of does at the end. I really loved the way you were "teaching" the viewer about QDM throughout the entire DVD "Perspective", I like the chapter title too. I've got tomorrow off and will have to watch all 3 of them a couple of times. If the versions of volumes 3 & 4a are as good as 4b, these should all be winners.

Thanks again, a great teaching tool, Building Whitetail Paradise. I'll email you again after I watch the other two volumes tomorrow.

Bob - Michigan

I am a QDM member and hinted to my wife that I would like your videos for Christmas. Well, she listened and I just received all of your videos. So far I have enjoyed Volumes 1-4A.

I just bought 242 acres and appreciate the information. My biggest dilemma right now is to decide where to put the plots and what to plant.


Craig - Hampton Cove, AL

Hi Bob,

I really enjoyed every minute of your Whitetail Paradise series!

I bought a very well located 42 acre tract in North East MO near the Iowa border in September of 05 and have been working very hard to make it all that it can be for deer and wildlife in general. I would like your advice on something...

(Deleted due to confidentiality on Tom's property location specifics)

Anyway... keep up the good work with the DVDs and Merry Xmas to you and yours!


Tom - MO

Dear Bob,

I just finished building Whitetail Paradise volume 4b DVD. What a great DVD! I live in south central Virginia, and I can implement the deer management showcased in your DVD.

I have not been hunting that long, and I see I've been going about it the wrong way. I've been letting the does walk to get to the bucks. Only one buck taken this past year and I've seen numerous does. (11 in one evening).

I subscribe to hunting magazines and I see articles on "If you want the bucks let the does walk". I think the magazines want you to kill only monster bucks because most of the time it's what they show. The same goes for the hunting shows on the outdoor channel. Not everybody has monster bucks on their property, but I think with QDM they can see and kill bucks like they have never before.

I'm letting you know things will be different this coming year. I have 2 different lots that I can hunt on each year, (35 and 68 acres). On the 35 acres I plan to put a food plot system to work this year. This will be a first for me, but I can do it. Thank you for your incredible instruction, and I hope you have a wonderful deer season in 2007.

Thank you again,


P.S. Your DVD has got to be the best there is! Keep up the good work.


Just a quick note to let you know that I have gotten all your videos. And have learned a great deal from them. They are very informative. I like the way you have broken down the segments into seasonal sessions. And the humor you add to your videos, that George is a Character!!

I have friends that live in Arkansas, that I am sending the videos to. So they too can use your advice and knowledge on their plots.

Look forward to your new release for this falls/winter Volume #5

Safe Hunting,

Tim - Illinois

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