Building Whitetail Paradise Series

Building Whitetail Paradise has become the best selling Quality Deer Management DVD Series in history, with a mixture of solid useful information and humor, delivered in a highly entertaining fashion.

A Game Management Series dedicated to portraying the best management practices for stewardship of our natural resources, while producing and holding quality deer and a wide variety of game on your hunting property.

Some of the Topics Covered

  • Plant and maintain wildlife food plots as well as game holding cover.
  • Manage woodlands and grasslands
  • Aging of Whitetail Deer
  • Latest research from recognized experts
  • Hunting Plots

Product Information

Volume 1

Filmed on a premier Whitetail property in North Central Illinois, your host Bob Coine takes you on a fast paced overview of habitat projects, food plots, hunting tips and much more! In fact, the smaller a parcel is, the more critical this DVD will be to your success. You will see first hand how to produce more highly nutritious food on a limited plot size!

Length: 1 hour

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Volume 2

Volume 2 explains the what, why, where and how-to of hunting plots. You'll learn what it really costs to install these effective plots! It also has small equipment demonstrations and management tips. See firsthand the results of QDM with an amazing buck harvest, including a hunt for a fully mature piebald buck on a hunting plot!

Length: 68 minutes

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Volume 3

Join your host Bob Coine in Whitetail Paradise for an action packed episode of entertainment and education. Learn the easy way to estimate the age of Whitetail bucks in the field! Features spring planting of clover/alfalfa hunting plots, how to maintain them, from grass and weed control to what mowing height you'll need to get the perfect plots! Check out our brassicas field test, and the surprising result! Visit with Dr. James Kroll who shares some of his latest research!

Length: over 1 hour

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Volume 4A

Your host, Bob Coine invites you to join him in the stand for an incredible deer season in Paradise! In Volume 4A you'll see first hand what QDM and habitat work can mean to your early and mid-season action! Unbelievable buck and doe action over hunting plots in BROAD DAYLIGHT! See close up action as great bucks scrape and scent mark like crazy! The bucks we tag just keep getting bigger! Visit with special guests, including Dr. James Kroll. This is a true study of QDM hunting at it's finest!

Length: over 1 hour

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Volume 4B

Join Bob Coine, your host in Whitetail Paradise deer stands during the mid to late season for some incredible action! See how habitat will hold deer on your hunting grounds. Learn what deer really WANT to eat during the late season, and more importantly, what they don't! See how the deer pile into our habitat when the pressure is on! Visit with Dr. James Kroll who shares some of his 30+ years of research with us! Witness how to channel bucks to your stand in open country! Check out the great bucks

Length: over 1 hour

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Volume 5

This incredible installment includes how to census your bucks, prior to and during deer season. You'll learn how coyotes can impact a deer herd, and what can be done to lessen their impact. We feature a hot habitat segment on Native Grass burns! Dr. Mickey Hellickson visits Whitetail Paradise and shares some of his expertise and research on both deer and coyotes! True QDM hunts for both archers and gun hunters. And of course, see many of the awesome bucks we tag once again due entirely to our management!

Length: over 1 hour

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Food Plotters' Field Journal

In the Food Plotters' Field Journal you'll find simple and easy- to-understand techniques to get you planning and maintaining your perfect food plot this season. Author Bob Coine cuts through the chase and shows you how to simply assess the size of your food plots and know (almost instantly) how to prepare and seed it for the season. You'll learn from his success what it takes to attract and "hold" deer on your property, and then which deer to harvest for the long-term improvement of your herd, with special attention given to your bucks! There is plenty of room for notetaking, so you can keep this journal with you in your daypack, ATV, or in your tractor. Jot down notes on your mowing, fertilizing, seeding and maintenance schedules for different plots. Keep records of the types of wildlife you see visiting your plots and write down the stats when you harvest an animal. It's a handy resource and reference book you'll want with you this coming season!

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The Building Whitetail Paradise Wildlife Food Plot Soil Test Kit

A soil test is the critical first step to a successful food plot! The Building Whitetail Paradise Wildlife Food Plot Soil Test Kit offers a complete Soil Analysis for PH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Organic Matter, % Saturation and CEC. A fertilizer recommendation and an information sheet will be sent to you.

Can also be used for lawns and gardens too! (click for larger image)

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The Building Whitetail Paradise Pre-Paid Deer Aging Kit

The Pre-paid Building Whitetail Paradise Forensic Deer Aging Lab Kit contains everything you need to remove and submit the two front center teeth of your deer (or elk, moose, sheep, or other mammal) for a Forensic Laboratory Cementum Annuli Analysis, and have the lab accurately estimate the age of your trophy. Results in 120 days.

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